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Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge

Testimonials from a few previous guests

"Keith and Randi,

Thank you so much for opening your lodge (home) to us this past February. You all were so gracious with your stories and knowledge of what it takes to live in Alaska. Randi we still are thinking of the great meals and when we come back we’ll have those Swedish pancakes! Keith thanks for the Kayak lesson and the boat ride.

The weather was great, the scenery was spectacular and all of the wildlife was unbelievable. The hike up the mountain was one of the highlights, seeing Mt. Augustine up close. The accommodations were cozy, the smell of the coffee in the mornings, the smoke coming out of the chimneys were so welcoming. Tell Bertha the humpback whale and Chubby the seal hello for us. J We hope to come back someday and see your other place you're working on and hopefully to see your new cabin up on the hill.

We are so grateful to have met you all and to now know that we have friends in Alaska. Take care and stay healthy."

Sincerely, Rodney and Teresa Brown
Nicholasville, Kentucky


Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park

"Keith, you have built a beautiful place here in Sadie Cove. Thank you both for a wonderful stay, we truly enjoyed it, and the back valley hike was perfect.
Randi, you can cook for me anytime."

former Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Alaska - Walter J.Hickel,  Anchorage, Alaska.

Governor Hickel and his executive staff came to Sadie Cove for a visit one summer. They took the entire lodge for their party and we all had a terrific time. From hiking the back valley trail to swimming in the cool waters of Sadie Cove, everyone enjoyed their stay, but mostly we had a nice time getting to know our fellow Alaskans.

“Randi and Keith,
Thank you for helping a family, living in all the hustle and bustle of New York City, unlock and rediscover that part of all of us that loves and appreciates the magnificence of nature. You have found an ideal spot to do so and combined with it your love and enthusiasm for the land and the water and each other, and we were thrilled that you chose to share it with us. I hope in some way that we enriched your lives the way you did ours!”

The best of everything. Remember, stay healthy.
Steve Goldstein M.D.
New York City

Lodge in Kachemak Bay State ParkHaving grown up in the wilds of Northern Ontario and lived in Minnesota for 35 years, we know something about wilderness. But Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge upped the ante for us by providing what we felt from the moment we arrived by small boat from Homer to be a true and a real Alaska experience. And Alaska is big and magnificent; you can't do it all. Far and away, though, the best part of the experience was meeting Keith and Randi. It is amazing what they have built in as beautiful a setting as you will ever find. And if you want to know more and more and more about Alaska, just spend some time talking to Keith. The company was great, the food was great, the wildlife was great, and the scenery. Wow!!!!

--Sophie and Don Gillmor
St. Paul, Minnesota

Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park
“I'm so glad that I could have a really good time here. Delicious food, beautiful view and your warm hospitality made me relax so much. It was the best vacation of my life.”
Thanks again, Arigatou

Misae Shintani
Tokyo, Japan

The Shintani family spent several days re-building our stream into lovely pools

“I have great respect for those who hold a dream and set goals to make that dream a reality. What you two have done with this plot of land is nothing short of incredible and appreciated by those of us who are exhilarated by Nature. Thank you for opening up your home and allowing us to share a part of this experience. It is something I will always remember and respect in the future.”

Bob Manosky
Flower Mound, Texas

“...I'm trying to determine how my waist size increased 2" while doing all that exercise in Alaska, and Randi's outrageously great meals figure to be the prime suspect. We're trying to cook up a little more ambitious adventure for next year-- more people, more time. I'll be telling anyone who might be interested, and looking forward to my next visit.. hope it's a longer one!”

--Bob Webb
Petaluma, California

“Such a breathtaking place you have. Thank you for sharing your home with us.”

--Janet & Mark Bauman
Palmer, Alaska

Mark & Janet joined us at Sadie Cove for the Homer Shorebird Festival. They loved our Alaskan bird feeder and our version of shorebirds.

“My cousin (Adrian Shearer) and I went to Alaska again this year for the fabulous Halibut and Salmon fishing. This time, we took a little side trip to Sadie Cove. Our hosts, Keith and Randi were absolutely wonderful and a lot of fun. I'll never forget watching from the top of the mountain amongst the trees and eagles, looking down and watching our hosts walking the beach, before creating one of the best meals of my life. Randi's cooking is superb, and Keith's creation of this lodge is spectacular. If you want to see the (REAL) Alaska, don't miss this place. I'll be back. ”

--Randy Maize
Carlsbad, California

“Anyone who wants to gain a better appreciation of the "bush" and how it can be tamed to some extent while retaining its pristine beauty and its magic, ought to come to Sadie Cove. I felt so at peace and so at home -_ the hot tub by the spring with the bald eagle circling overhead and the otters paddling gently by below was the essence of all Alaska is meant to be in most people's dreams. The company was superb and the setting is magnificent. Those who want to be able to hear the grass rustle, see otters feeding, watch a Steller's Jay scavenging for crumbs, hear the sound of their own breath, see the sun gently bathe snowcapped peaks in hues of gold, coral and blue, ogle at baby goats being protected by their Moms, or watch eagles soar will be rewarded ten-fold by a trip to Sadie Cove.”

--Linda Birchall
Avondale, Georgia

Sadie Cove was the highlight of our Alaskan vacation. The accommodations were perfect, the food was fantastic, and Sadie Cove was beautiful beyond words. Keith and Randi made our stay in Sadie Cove truly memorable. Oh, and make sure you save room for Randi's homemade Ice Cream!

--Rolf Nystuen

How can I make a booking and what are the rates?

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Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Inside Kachemak Bay State Park
Box 2265, Homer, Alaska 99603

907-235-2350 (within Alaska)

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