Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Where the Mountains Meet the Sea in Kachemak Bay State Park
In Operation since 1981

Celebrating wilderness fun and ecologically friendly lodgings since 1981.

Owned and operated by the long time residents of Sadie Cove - Keith and Randi Iverson who open their cabins to you and your companions year-round.

Seen on The Discovery Channel, ESPN, and The Travel Channel and the recipient of numerous unsolicited awards and commendations for sound environmental practices and sustainability in tourism, gourmet meals, top notch service, and FUN..


Keith & Randi Iverson
Box 2265
Homer, Alaska 99603 USA

(907) 235-2350



Systems fail everywhere from time to time, especially in Alaska. If you leave us a message and you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, your message was lost so please contact us again. We return all messages within 1 day
Recommended by "E" The Environmental Magazine, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, Small and Elegant Hotels, Uncharted Outposts, Earthfoot, Adventure Quest, Green Globe, Green Hotels, Luxury Travel Magazine, and Natural Home Magazine.

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Keith and Randi Iverson

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"Alaska Viking" written by Keith Iverson (The owner and builder of Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge) please check the appropriate boxes below. The book tells about his move from San Francisco to remote Alaska, the conception and building of his lodge, the difficulties and joys of living alone in the Alaska wilderness for 25 years, and his work as a field supervisor on the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup with honesty, openness, and humor.
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Summertime Rates: Join us in celebrating over 4 decades of adventures and relaxation at Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge. We accept reservations for private parties of no more than 4 (or less) guests for a minimum of 4 nights at $10,000 per night giving you the entire lodge to yourselves. Additional nights are available at a cost of $2,000 per person per night. Additional charges are for round trip water taxi service to and from Homer and the lodge, optional guided tours, local taxes, and resort fees. All payments are non-refundable, however guests are welcome to change their dates within the same summer at no extra cost. (See date change conditions below) Included in the cost of a stay are all meals, private cabins, log cabin sauna and plunge pool, hiking trails, use of lodge kayaks and shore fishing gear, stories of life in the Alaskan bush if you are interested, and the knowledge that you are sharing our ecological lifestyle.

Confirmed guesses at Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge will be required to present an official CDC confirmation card showing completed Covid-19 vaccinations before being admitted to their water taxi to Sadie Cove and also upon arrival at the lodge. Guests without this card will not be allowed to remain on the premises and will not receive any refunds for their payments due to the high contractability of Covid-19. We do this for your safety as well as the safety of our staff and ourselves. Masks will also be required to be worn properly according to CDC recommendations at all times on lodge grounds, cabins, water taxi, and on optional guided charters. Stay well and cautious.

Winter Rates
See our Winter Page

Rates include:

  • Three excellent all-you-can-eat meals per day served family-style by cheerful hosts. This is our time to share stories and make plans for the upcoming days of adventure and relaxation. A hot, sit-down breakfast is served at the lodge for early morning fishing charters, followed by the regular time breakfast for those who arise at a more "civilized" hour.

  • Lodging in private cabins with peaceful views of Sadie Cove and Mount Augustine, bathrooms, running water, electricity, bathrobes, down pillows, fiber pillows, and natural fiber linens and towels. In the cooler months we use cozy flannel sheets, in the warmer months, all cotton linens, and always, lots of pillows, quilts, comforters, and the scents of the great outdoors. All of our cabins are just that- cabins made totally of wood. We do not offer tents, "tent-cabins", apartments, or bunkhouses - just cozy, private cabins.

  • Exclusive use of all Lodge facilities. At Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, it is our policy to serve private parties of 4 (or less) at any one time for a 4 night minimum at $10,000 per night. Additional nights are available at a cost of $2,000 per person per night including all meals, private cabins, etc. Private parties of 4 (or less) will have the entire lodge to themselves. We absolutely, do not ever, take in additional patrons for meals, tours, trails use, equipment rentals, food sales, etc., nor do we, in any other way, dilute your experience in the wilderness.

  • Private hiking trail into the State Park (for the use of Lodge guests only) to a remote alpine valley looking out over a glacial braided river, the Harding Ice field, and a second valley with a giant cascading waterfall at it's terminus. You will not see anyone other than lodge guests on this trail. It is a unique and invigorating experience to have so much country to oneself. From one mile up the trail and from the valley, all you will see has been made by Mother Nature. There is nothing man-made in your view and this is an excellent opportunity to watch the wild mountain goats on the surrounding cliffs.

  • Fishing rods to use from shore for dolly-varden trout, salmon and other species of fish.

  • Log cabin, wood fired, Finnish sauna and an oversized outdoor plunge pool. Loaner bathing suits are on hand as well as lots of very large, plush, cotton towels.

  • Use of Lodge Kayaks and all related equipment.

  • Clamming, beachcombing, and birding.

  • Prime wildlife viewing from all lodge decks and beaches especially for the resident wild mountain goats on the cliffs next to the lodge, visiting seals, resident sea otters with their babies in tow, migratory humpback whales, and resident Bald Eagles who are fed the previous night's food scraps on the beach every morning. The chatter of the eagles is everyone's call to begin the day in Sadie Cove.

  • Morning coffee delivery.

  • Internet Access on the lodge computer or on your cellular device or PDA with the lodge's universal signal booster.

  • Television and VCR with lots of movies.

  • Complimentary, cheerful, laundry services.

And one intangible that is included in the cost of your stay-

The knowledge that you are participating in a wilderness experience with Alaska residents/pioneers who protect their environment by living an Eco-conscious life. We purposely keep our lodge small to diminish the impact that tourism has had on other wild places. As we do not believe in trophy hunting, we do not offer hunting trips or any tours which would otherwise use the environment in a self-serving fashion. When you stay at Sadie Cove you know that you are in a special place that is in it's most pristine state.

Sadie Cove was built by hand with driftwood salvaged from the beaches of Kachemak Bay over the last 40 years. It was then milled by hand and put in place in it's natural state without preservatives, oils, or chemicals of any kind. One day, when Keith and Randi Iverson are gone and buried up the mountain in their favorite spot, the lodge will return to the earth as do fallen trees in a virgin forest. All that will be left to clean up will be some nails, roofing materials, and hand tools and we sincerely hope that these will be re-used by the next adventurer carving out his place on the wild Kenai Coast.

Parties of 6 or more get the entire lodge to themselves so make your reservations early in order to enjoy our special place.

Activities (Unguided):

Wildlife Photography Hiking (Beach & State Park Trails)
Bird Watching Fishing from Lodge Beach (gear provided)
Nature Walks Berry Picking (Aug. & Sept.)
Clamming Sauna & Dip Tub
Horseshoes Just Plain Relaxing
Sea Kayaking

If you wish to be guided on any of the above activities, we are available. Please inquire about charges.

Optional Guided Adventures:
All of the adventures described below are personally guided by reputable, insured, and personable outfitters who have been living on Kachemak Bay for many, many years. We are all well off the beaten path and you will find yourself in the wilderness with a small and intimate group of fellow adventurers. Far from the common tourist attractions, you will be treated like a friend by your guides and you will see parts of our world that most visitors never even know about. As a guest of Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge you have the rare opportunity to spend time with these folks who will enrich your lives with their backcountry knowledge and cheerful outlooks on life. You will return home with many positive and lasting memories of your trip to Alaska and you may even find yourself thinking more positively about everything long after you return home as a result of spending time with all of us. In this time when there is so much unrest and division in the world, we hope that we can give our guests a taste of a rewarding and peaceful life, far away from the day to day chaos that people have become so accustomed to. We hope that you will be able to bring a feeling of serenity back with you to your world and to find a way to share it with others.

All of the adventures mentioned below are private, personal and, most importantly, a lot of fun with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 6. The exceptions are the brown bear viewing which can have as many as 10 participants and the large group sea kayaking which can have as many as 16 participants. Private guided kayaking trips have no more than 6 participants.

Fly out Bear Viewing
Guided, fly-out fishing with the Bears
Group Sea Kayaking
Private Sea Kayaking
Private Sea Kayaking Overnight Expedition
Glacier Kayaking
River rafting
Private Wildlife Photography Tour
Private Backcountry Tour
Sailboating on Kachemak Bay
Gull Island / Halibut Cove boat tour
Island Rookeries and Kachemak Bay wildlife boat tour
Seldovia Village Tour
Mountain biking
Customized Float Plane Flyouts from Lodge
Halibut & Salmon Fishing Charters as well as fishing for incidental species such as rockfish, ling cod, and more
Fly out Volcano Tour and wildlife viewing expedition


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Reservations made within 60 days of arrival  and after April 1 or anytime from overseas are payable in full when the reservation is made. We accept cash, check, or traveler's checks, Visa, Master Card and we offer a discount for payment by check.  Time at the lodge can be booked up to 3 years in advance. Be sure to book early to ensure your reservations for the lodge and optional guided adventures. Parties of 6 or more have the entire lodge to themselves.



We are a small husband and wife owned company serving very few clients per year and many of our reservations (especially those of returning guests) are made several years in advance. Once you are confirmed for your stay your reservation is refundable (minus a $500. per person re-booking fee) only if we are able to fill your space with another party. Your stay is confirmed when your requested dates are determined to be available and you have given your credit card number to hold those dates. If your itinerary should change for any reason and you let us know at least 60 days prior to your arrival that you need to change your dates, you are free to move your dates to any other time within the same summer for no extra charge. Itinerary changes made within 60 day of arrival can sometimes be difficult to accomplish but we will do our very best to accommodate your needs and there is no extra cost for this service. All changes are dependent upon availability. Cancellation and date change requests need to be in writing please. Vacation cancellation insurance policies are encouraged. One that we can recommend for it's ecological and carbon offset policies is When booking please initial Acceptance of our policies HERE on the booking form.


Well mannered, small adults of all ages who possess a sense of adventure and wonder are appropriate at Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge. Parents - Although we have none of our own, we welcome families with children of all ages into our home so that they have an opportunity to share in a unique lifestyle while they are young and impressionable. Due to the quiet nature of the lodge (and also to basic safety issues of the wilderness) we do, however, expect everyone to behave respectfully and not be a burden to other guests and the staff.

Travel to Sadie Cove:

Homer is located just 45 minutes by air or 5 hours by car from Anchorage. If you have the time, and the weather is cooperative, it is a beautiful drive. If you choose to fly, Homer is serviced by Ravn Airlines.. You can make reservations through Alaska Airlines or by booking over the Internet at For private float plane charters For private float plane charters

There are taxis at the airport and courtesy phones in case they are off somewhere else. It is a 10 minute ride from the airport to the harbor where the water taxi will be waiting for you to bring you across the bay to the lodge.

If you would like to rent a car, try:

Hertz of Homer (907)235-0734

Parking is available at the Homer Harbor and is free near ramps 3, 4 and 5. You can leave your rental cars parked there while at the lodge and it is as safe as one could hope for. Homer is a small town with little in the way of crime.

Drive times to Homer from a few Alaska locations are as follows:
From Anchorage: 5 hours
From Girdwood: 4.5 hours
From Whittier: 4.5 hours
From Seward: 3.5 hours
From Cooper Landing: 2.25 hours
From Soldotna/Kenai: 2 hours

There is also the option of having a car and driver bring you from one town to another. If you would like to do this try contacting one of the taxi companies below. Some folks choose to fly one way and have a taxi or rental car go the other way.

Chux Cab (907)235-2489
Kachecab (907)235-1950

Boat Transportation to Sadie Cove:

Our Ferry Service will be at the Homer boat harbor to greet you. They will provide a scenic trip from Homer to the lodge. Keep a sharp look-out during this 30 minute boat ride across majestic Kachemak Bay. There's a good chance you will see eagles, sea otters, puffins, or maybe even a whale.

What to Bring:

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a complete information packet covering all aspects of your visit to Sadie Cove.

Special Needs:

If you have special physical or dietary requirements, please let us know at the time you make your reservations. Smoking is not permitted inside the lodge buildings, and please leave your pets at home.
[*Friends of Bill W. are welcome]

Even More Facts:

For more information regarding the lodge and life in Sadie Cove, Alaska, you may order the book, Alaska Viking, author Keith Iverson (lodge builder and founder), from our lodge address. $30.00 includes shipping and handling within the U.S.


Come and share the adventure!

And just where exactly is this great place?


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Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Inside Kachemak Bay State Park
Box 2265, Homer, Alaska 99603

907-235-2350 (within Alaska)

Systems fail everywhere from time to time, especially in Alaska. If you leave us a message and you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, your message was lost so please contact us again. We return all messages within 1 day.

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