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Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
“The Lodge surrounded by Kachemak Bay State Park”

In hand crafted cabins, visitors to Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge are transported to a place where the troubles of the outside world fall away like leaves in the wind. Reminiscent of the bygone Viking era with details so often seen in the Norwegian countryside, construction of the lodge has been an ongoing labor of love for owners/founders Keith and Randi Iverson. Each building is unique, and comfortable, with stunning views of Sadie Cove and far off Mt. Augustine (One of the few active volcanoes in the USA). To the East of the lodge, around the bend, are 3 rarely used but picturesque summer cabins. From the lodge and throughout the remainder of the extensive view, you will see no other man-made objects as we are one of the very few pieces of private property inside the State Park.

Inside the common lounge area

Low tide in front of the Lodge

Enjoying a meal outside

Inside the Common Lounge

By the Wharfhouse

Eating on the Deck


Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park
Rest after your Alaskan adventure

Standard American electricity is provided by an in-house hydroelectric system operating from a clear and swift stream which tumbles down the mountains from the high snowy peaks of Sadie Cove.  Self-sustaining and independent, the lodge is completely off the "grid".
Lodge guests (no more than 10) are housed in 5 handcrafted private cabins. Wonderful meals are served in the dining room and on the outer deck. A cozy, spacious lounge is available to guests for reading, gaming, visiting, or just relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

Life is in the details
Kachemak Bay cabin detail

As our world becomes increasingly technological, we have come to feel a need for those rare places which retain their natural beauty and individuality. Visiting Sadie Cove is its own reward in that respect and still there are those special touches and small details which remind us of days when the words and "personality" and "character" had deeper meaning. Sadie Cove Lodge is not like any other place you have ever been and, being in the wilderness, it is definitely not predictable. Visiting this lodge can easily be a lifelong highlight for those who seek adventure and a place that is pleasantly apart from the "norm.". Uncrowded except for a night sky glittering with stars and, on special occasions, the Northern Lights, Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge offers you several cozy cabins to suit the tastes of the adventurer and the romantic alike. 

Far from the unimaginative cookie cutter resorts so often seen these days, when you awaken at Sadie Cove there is no doubt that you are in a special place creatively and ingeniously designed to survive Alaska's harsh winters and bask in Alaska's warm summers. Sadie Cove is a unique wilderness sanctuary where a person can quietly recharge in absolute comfort.

Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park
Warm, calm, Sadie Cove
Lodge in Kachemak Bay State Park
Roof detail of a Viking Dragon in the Alaska sunset

All of the cabins have running water, toilets,  110 volt electricity, heat, fresh air-dried linens and blankets, a stunning, unobstructed view of Sadie Cove Fjord and Mount Augustine - 80 miles away, an outdoor deck with chairs to enjoy the views and the Bald Eagles flying by, high thread count linens, bathrobes, and an extensive Alaskana library. Two of the cabins have wood fires for romantic evenings and a secondary heat source.


Looking out from the dining hall

The sauna/bathhouse

Take a quiet stroll

Dining hall view

The Sauna by the Creek

Explore the Silence

rganic architecture has helped the lodge buildings to blend into the environment and become an integral part of the vista. With a reputation for tidiness, comfort, and  good companionship, you can't get much closer to nature than a peaceful yet adventurous stay at Sadie Cove.

What to expect - Private Lodge cabins are not so much posh as they are practical. They are super-comfortable, but not opulent, and the lodge itself is not a sterilized, sanitized, Disneyland / Las Vegas fantasy hotel experience. Sadie Cove is a hand-built, small, Wilderness Lodge - full of comfort, raw natural wood, character, wilderness, good company, and adventures. It is a year-round home and full-service lodge that was cut out of the beach and the wildland of Alaska totally by hand, beginning in 1972 when Kachemak Bay pioneer Keith Iverson first landed on the beach in his Klepper Kayak.
We welcome you to our favorite piece of artwork, our home, Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge.

A pod of Humpback Whales

So what is there to eat? Let's see... WB01681_.gif (196 bytes)

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Alaska's Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge
Inside Kachemak Bay State Park
Box 2265, Homer, Alaska 99603

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